Saturday, November 3, 2012

The moment of truth... BOY?? or GIRL???

So! Yesterday was our BIG ANATOMY SCAN!!! **insert ominous music here** I drank two bottles of water and some apple juice before/on the way to the appointment! I took the "arrive with a full bladder" guidance very seriously and was hoping a little sugar would encourage Baby to move around and show us the goods!;)

Let me pause the story here for a moment: on most weekdays, I get up around 5ish and to work around 6:20ish. At this point, Baby is usually moving a little and by 7:30/8:00am, Baby is wiggling like a crazy person--it was especially this way on Thursday so I *expected* Baby would do the same thing on Friday! NOT SO. This little thing barely even woke up in time for the ultrasound. *sigh* Question to other moms: does my schedule actually affect Baby's schedule? On doctor day, I didn't get up 'til 7:30 so maybe he/she was confused?? lol I don't know. Back to the story!!

So we get to the ultrasound room and the technician asks if we want to know the sex of the Baby. My head was screaming "YES YES!! WHY ELSE DO YOU THINK WE'RE HERE?!?!?!" but  I calmly said, "yes, if you can find it." On went the goo and her first words were, "Well, Baby is breeched, but that's okay for now." Baby. is. breeched. My little wiggle worm who is always moving around? The one thing I sweetly requested he/she not be is breeched (okay, yes, we were talking more during labor, but I thought Baby got the jist of it).  She moved around... found the head.. the brain.. the heart... "127" she said. I knew. I knew right then what Baby was. (okay, I don't buy into ALLLL the wives tails, BUT on this one, I swear, I JUST KNEW). We got a perfect shot of Baby's foot.. and later I could see the arm reaching out and the teeny tiny hand!
The whole thing was going on for a while (which, I'm not complaining; while I can't understand a lot of what's on the screen, I could watch Baby alllll daaayyyy lonnnng). Finally, she said the words we'd been waiting to hear:

"It's a boy!"

I hadn't seen any BOY PARTS so I wanted to ask her, "are you sure??" (though, reminder, because the heart rate was below 140, I *knew* it was a boy;) Then there he was in all his glory... a perfect shot of his little tiny testicles... HAHAHAH
A boy. Wow. Throughout this pregnancy, I really thought he was a boy (yay! Mommy is always right!;) but all those "gender predictor" quizzes online told me girl. Even the Chinese predictor said girl! But he is all boy! And I'm actually super excited! I know a lot of people were worried about me--since I'm so girly everyone was saying how great it would be if I had a girl (and yes, any girl of mine would be all dolled up ALL THE TIME lol), but I was so nervous if it were a girl--how do I talk to her about periods? And boobies and bras? And boys?? OMG. Thankfully, since it's a boy, all that talk will be done by Daddy. lol.

Now I can't wait for my house to be full of Tonka trucks and Hot Wheels and Thomas the Tank Engine lol. Daddy said we're going to have Baby dressed in suits all the time--like Barney Stinson from "How I Met Your Mother" hahhahah, we'll see:)

P.S. Baby is already above average! He weighs A POUND!! That's SIXTEEN OUNCES!!! Most babies at 20 weeks are around TEN OUNCES. Well... at least this means he's eating well, right? I'm doing a good job taking care of him so far... unless this is the first sign of childhood obesity! OMG, off to worry some more...


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