Thursday, November 22, 2012

A Thankful Heart

So! Here we are at 23 and a half weeks! I feel like the pregnancy is speeding up!! And while I am super excited to get to finally meet Baby D, I'm just not quite ready yet!!

Anyway, being that it's Thanksgiving Day here in the US, I've decided to write a quick post about things I'm thankful for (specifically with my lot in life right now;) and give you some updates!

First and foremost, I am super thankful for this little boy growing inside me! If you had asked me this time last year (or heck, even if you'd asked me early this past summer) if I thought I'd be a mommy, I probably would've laughed at you and made some smart comment about how, no, never, not for me, etc. LOL Ah, how things can change.

I'm thankful Baby D has been growing and developing properly--that he passed all the genetic testing with flying colors, that his heart beat is always strong, that his kicks and movements are getting stronger. (To the point where now, I can actually SEE him moving. Okay, that kinda freaks me out, but it's comforting to know he's still there!) Also, this week, since his hearing is even stronger now, the past couple days when my alarm goes off in the morning (yes, it's loud. Yes, I snooze it. Yes, I have a hard time getting up lol) as soon as he hears it, he starts moving!! Not a little--like a lot! Like he's saying, "Okay, Mom! Time to get up! Let's do this!!" (or he's just freaked out with the alarm, hard to say;)

I'm thankful my health has been good during the pregnancy! There's been no vomiting or low iron or any scary things. The heartburn has been getting pretty bad--no matter what I eat (or don't eat) or when or how many Tums I take, etc. It's more annoying than anything else. And this week, I've started to get hip pain while I sleep. First it was just my left side, so I could roll to my right and be fine--last night my right side started hurting too. I've also started to become a bit emotional... commercials make me cry. Everything makes me cry. These are all such minor things though, so I'm still thankful for such a great pregnancy!

I'm thankful for my job--both the money and flexibility it provides so I can make it to all my doctor appointments! Also, for my insurance! I don't know how some women do it with no or little insurance; I am so blessed to having paid for nothing so far!

I'm thankful for my friends--especially those who are already first time mommies--who have given me so much support; answering my questions (no matter how silly) and offering encouraging and straight talk advice anytime I want it. I'm pretty sure, I'd be lost without you (yes, Andrea, this means you;)

Finally (and most imporantly?) I'm thankful for Chris, my DH. I know throughout the blog so far, I was referring to him just as "Daddy," but that is too close to "Baby Daddy" which kinda seems impersonal. lol. Without him, clearly I wouldn't be pregnant, hahahaa. But he has been sooo super supportive and helpful with this entire process! I probably would've lost my mind in the beginning when those two lines showed up if it weren't for his level-headedness. Even now when I become overwhelmed or stressed or totally freaked out, it's he who talks me off the ledge and reminds me that everything is going to be okay! I'm also thankful for his family (especially his mom and sister) who are ensuring Baby D will never not have enough clothing;)

And it could go without saying (and this could offend you, but sorry! My blog!;) I am especially thankful to God, who even though I've made a number of mistakes in my life, He continues to forgive and bless me.

In other baby news, I'm up 13 pounds now (feels like a LOT more). It's almost all in my tummy! Still no real cravings (kinda bummed about that. I thought I'd want something craaazy lol).

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!!


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