Saturday, October 13, 2012

Yo-Yo Emotions and Wiggle Worms

Being pregnant is just really weird... like there are so many changes taking place! Not just in my body (rumor has it there's A LOT going on in there;) but also on the outside of my body (seriously, where was the warning: "May DRASTICALLY enhance areola size"?!?! I'm all for bigger boobs [though, okay, I hope they actually STOP growing at some point], and I get that bigger areolas make for better latch for baby, but I'm a little over And, pregnancy is totally messing with my feelings! There are days where I'm absolutely freaked out. Then there are days when I'm so super excited! Days when I want Baby to just stay in there forever. And days where I'm ready for it to all be over so I can actually hold Baby!

It's overwhelming and draining.

Then the worry kicks in; will I be a good mom? Will Baby know who I am when I go back to work? What if Baby likes Daddy more than me? Will I be able to discipline? Can I avoid the mistakes my parents made with me?

As if there aren't already enough things to worry about while being pregnant...

On a brighter note! I'm almost finished with week 17! AND some super exciting news! I'm pretty sure I felt Baby move this week!! It started while I was laying in bed on Tuesday night and I thought I felt a muscle twinge in my lower left abdomen. It wasn't a muscle (let's not kid ourselves; even before pregnancy there were very few muscles anywhere near my stomach;). The next day at work, the inside of my tummy had a tickle. The next day in a meeting, my stomach felt like when you're on a roller coaster or fly over a really big hill and it flips! I know these are all just very tiny feelings, but I'm like 92% sure it's Baby! I don't feel them all the time, but it's special every time I do!

And!! Less than three weeks and we find out what Baby is!! Suuuuper excited about that! I thought I wanted to wait 'til delivery, but Daddy really wants to "be able to plan" things. And honestly, twenty weeks seems like a long enough time to wait to be surprised;) Plus, I want to be able to start calling Baby by name! But more on that later;)


  1. EEK! I love those little baby tickles! haha, that's exactly how I used to describe them too "someone's tickling me inside" :)