Thursday, October 18, 2012

Decisions, decisions...

Before I got pregnant, I never really thought about a lot of the decisions I'd need to make if I had a baby. For one, I wasn't trying to have a baby nor was I even really sure I wanted one (don't worry! I am super attached to this little one and am very excited about it;)

But when I did get pregnant there were still a number of things that to me were like "no-brainers" there was no thinking or deciding, I just *knew*. Breastfeed? Yes. Circumsize? Yes. Hospital or Homebirth? Hospital. Disposable or cloth? Disposable; Pampers. Duh.

So when Daddy's mom asked if we were going to use cloth diapers, I was almost disgusted. No. freaking. way. All I could picture was cloth napkins and gigantic safety pins and baby poo everywhere. Definitely not.

'til I saw a picture of some on Facebook. They didn't look at all like I imagined! They were actually super cute! And they snapped and used velcro and were a bunch cheaper than disposable! Hmm..

I started researching, which is kinda hard to do on a topic that people seem to be so passionate about. Cloth diapering mamas are ALL ABOUT cloth diapering (which is affectionately known as CD). Ones that are against CD are VERY AGAINST it. So it's difficult to find any non-biased information.

I've watched some YouTube videos and I understand now all the different kinds that are out there (don't ask me to name them all off though, I haven't studied *that* much;) And I'm *considering* it. Right now Pampers are still on my registry and I feel more comfortable with disposables because that is what I know. That is what's familiar. But it doesn't mean that's what I'll stick with.

Am I going to go all hippy-dippy, save the planet, and only put Baby in bamboo diapers? Nah, not a chance. But I'd be willing to try them and see how it goes... Daddy and I have to agree though... so it's definitely still up for discussion ;)

How about you? Disposable or cloth? Have you tried both? What made you make your decision?


  1. If I had the patience, I would like to do cloth diapering, but it just doesn't appeal to me. My kids seem fine in their disposables. I've had to try a few different brands to see what they liked best, but I just think throw-aways are so easy for us. I'm excited to see what you decide to do :)

    1. Thanks, Krystal! We haven't made a final decision and probably won't 'til he gets here. DF says we'll try both and see what works best for us, for Baby, and for our routine:) I'll keep you posted!