Thursday, October 25, 2012

Violet, You're Turning Violet!

Do you remember the Willy Wonka movie from back in the day? And Violet takes the everlasting gobstopper and as she's talking about all the foods it tastes like, she gets to the end and starts blowing up and turning blue/purple and they're all like, "Violet, you're turning violet!!" That is kinda how I felt today.

I wore this really cute dress from Target that is very purple (and people at work pointed out to me it's very purple). This is really one of the most comfortable articles of maternity clothing I own! It's loose fitting so I don't feel constricted or anything at all.

What I do feel is fat. Large. Gigantic. Ginormous. Huge.
Liz Lange® for Target® Maternity Nursing-Friendly Knit Dress - Purple/Black

Now, I'm currently at 19weeks 4days and am only up like 9 (or 10, depending on the time of day;) pounds. Which really isn't sooo horrible. But I swear I feel like I've gained A LOT more. And as the day went on I felt like I kept getting bigger! Like people should be telling me *I* was turning Violet then roll me down to the juicer just like they did for Violet in the movie.... *sigh*

In other pregnancy news, Baby seems to be doing well. I feel movement pretty much every day! Yay! I haven't totally been tracking it, but I do think it comes and goes around the same times each day. It's kinda funny when I wake up [wayyy too early] in the morning for work, I can almost always feel a little punch or kick in my left side. Oh, Baby, are you an early bird??

Still no crazy cravings or super weird things going on. I've been getting heartburn a lot more often and have become BFFs with the Walgreen's brand of Tums;) And I do get this odd feeling that I actually feel like my stomach is growing!! Daddy thinks it's crazy, but at the end of the day (after dinner or a big meal) I swear I can feel all the skin on my stomach just stretching...

Speaking of stretching, that's how I know I'm not crazy. Not even 20 weeks and the stretch marks have already started... *sigh* I knew I could handle the white ones. I haven't been a skinny-mini in years so I've had a few white stretch marks here and there already... but I got these three red ones right on my left side that look like a demon scratched me. So this is where the fun begins?

One more week and we'll find out what Baby is! I can't wait to start talking to Baby by name instead of... well.. just "Baby":) We're definitely set on a boy name... the girl name is still a little up in the air, but if Baby turns out to be a girl, I think we'll decide pretty quickly... you, dear readers, may not know the name until March when Baby gets here! We'll see how long I can keep the secret;)


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